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A.N.M Nursing
G.N.M. Nursing
Basic B.Sc Nursing
Post Basic B.Sc Nursing
M.Sc Nursing
The College is Committed to produce global Nursing professional to meet the great challenges of the service in the field of Nursing. The college believes that the professional Nursing is a lifelong service to the people and Nursing must advance along with other professions if the society is to be assured of a balanced health care programme. Furthermore, the college believes in a system of nursing education that fits in with the changing educational patterns of the world to meet the health needs of it.

  • To prepare student to assume responsibilities as professional, competent Nurses and Midwives in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.

  • To prepare Nurses who can make independent decisions in Nursing situations, protect the rights of and facilities individuals and groups in pursuit of health, function in the Hospital, community Nursing services and conduct research in the areas of Nursing practice.

GHG CON has been established with the following broad objectives :

  • Providing a broad range of nursing processes to enable nurse practitioners to practice under various scenarios.

  • Create a body of nurse educators with demonstrable skills in teaching through use of various modern educational methods and technology.

  • Develop nurse administrators with strong groundling in administrative principles and practices.

  • Encourage nursing researche with capabilities for pursuing independent research to create new procedures through creative thinking.

  • Provide career development opportunities for nursing professional through staff development programs.

  • Inculcate appreciation of social and ethical obligations to the society among nurses.

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